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Dryer Repair

Dryer technology has changed over the years, but you still need an experienced appliance technician to take care of dryer problems. Come to us. At Appliance Repair Stouffville, we don’t only utilize the years we have spent servicing dryers but also our updated knowledge. There isn’t a technician in our team that doesn’t keep up with the latest dryer technologies in Ontario. Our company’s experts can repair, service, and install all types and models of branded electric and gas dryers. Do you need help urgently? Depend on us and the quick assistance of our technicians. When it comes to emergency problems, we offer same day and timely dryer repair Stouffville services.Dryer Repair Stouffville

Don’t ignore dryer problems! Call us for same day dryer repair

Each and every dryer problem is serious. Whether your appliance functions with hot or cold air, it must still be serviced in timely fashion. There is a reason why we keep dryer repair parts in our trucks. We want to fix the appliance properly and during our first visit so that you won’t use a malfunctioning dryer. Our professionals respond as fast as possible and take care of any dryer problem. Common problems include odd noises, bad smelling clothing, incapacity to dry clothes, clogged tubes and increased humidity in the laundry room. Call us if you experience any of these symptoms. One of our technicians will provide dryer repair in Stouffville as soon as possible.

We first troubleshoot to identify the reasons for the dryer acting up. Problems might relate to the heating elements or the clogged tubes. Part of our dryer service is to empty the lint because it keeps the appliance from performing efficiently and might turn it into a safety hazard. We can also replace any other damaged part, including the gasket so that the dryer won’t waste energy.

Our team has the experience to service combo units, too. If you need washer and dryer repair, don’t be reluctant to ask our help. We also offer maintenance to tune up the appliance, remove lint and help you remain safe. Call us if you need to install a new unit. It takes experience especially if this is a gas-powered dryer or connected to vents. Contact our company whether you need dryer installation, routine service or urgent repair.

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